Monday, January 24, 2011

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So last Thursday night we went finally made it to a Real Madrid Game!  It was awesome and exciting but also probably one of the scariest nights of my life!  It was at the opposing team's stadium and let me just say -- we are definitely not in Provo anymore.  Here's a little summary:
*We made Michael-Ann wear my jacket to hide her Ronaldo jersey
*David got spat at in his face
*We couldn't cheer when our team scored a goal for fear of getting mauled
*Police officers lined the streets (with guns, bullet proof vests, and shields -- i am not exaggerating!)
*Fights kept breaking out inside the stadium
*We missed our 1 a.m. bus to get back to Alcalá
*Waited outside for another hour for the next one to finally arrive
*I had to walk home, in Alcalá by myself at 3 in the morning.

Fun times, for sure.  On the up side, the Atlético de Madrid fan screaming in my ear managed to inadvertently help Kailie and I with our homework and, well, at least WE WON!

And the best part is, the next day we went on a trip to Segovia at 9 in the morn.  I was so exhausted I barely even remember it but I DO know that it was beautiful!  And I have plenty of photos to prove it.

And finally, macarrones con queso at Cynthia's house Sunday night was amazing.  Bless her heart for letting us make and eat it at her house.  3 boxes of Kraft, devoured within about ten minutes.  I love Spain, but I love my mac&cheese too.

Oh, and ALSO I finally got to Skype with Emily....about three times :)  It was great.  I love her!

Oh, just the Roman Aqueduct


Emmy :)

Oh blessed Kraft, how I love thee!

My mac&cheese buddy!

I think David was complaining about all the picture taking here...

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