Saturday, January 15, 2011

curses, museums, Real, and more curses.

I'd like to start this post with my totally creepy encounter at the train station.  While we were waiting for the train to Madrid this morning, this old lady trying to sell rosemary clippings for good luck or something ridiculous like that grabbed my arm and started trying to tell me my future.  I pulled away because I knew she would try and guilt me into paying her for her nonsensical blabberings.  But she just would not leave!  Really, she was so creepy, she kind of reminded me of the witch in Tangled or...well, really any witch in any movie!  So she gripped my wrist and like pulled me aside and started trying to tell me stuff about my "future" (which started out with promises of something about a handsome young man) and I just kept telling her that I believe in God and I don't need anything else (it was all I could think of in Spanish) and she just would not accept it!  So finally I like twisted out of her grip and joined the others in my group and we all decided to wait behind the ticket-taker things while she called out all sorts of bad luck and bad fortunes to me (my handsome young man turned into an ugly old one)...and for all I know she could have been cursing my firstborn daughter with a pig face (Penelope reference, just for you Victoria, Karen, and Emily).  Oh well.

Anyways, we headed to Madrid today with an actual plan to go to El Museo del Traje and the Real Madrid Stadium.  It was quite the lo-o-o-ong day, but very fun!  I loved the museum (a museum of 18th, 19th, and 20th century clothes....really, what's not to like?) and the stadium was awesome!  I'm not a huge soccer fanatic, but it definitely was exciting to be there.  Oh, and we also stopped at El Mercado de San Miguel again and got some shish kabobs and truffles...oh my goodness, I might take the train all the way to Madrid just for those truffles!  We also stopped at good 'ol Mickey D's to see how it compared to the U.S.  It was basically the same but a nice little bit of home!

We got back home just in time for dinner (at like 9:45 mind you) and had a lovely discussion with our host mom about the F-word, what it means, how its pronounced, and similar words in Spanish.  We also tried to teach her how to pronounce "peanuts" in English, which she said best she could, minus the T...Hahahaha I was dying of laughter!  It was quite the risqué dinner conversation, but definitely a memorable one.

Museo del Traje

PIcnic lunches packed by our madres!

Chelsey with delicious shish kabobs!

Plaza Mayor...probably our favorite part!


Real Madrid Stadium

My host mom.  I just LOVE her!  These are our flamenco poses.

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  1. Oh you are gorgeous Luisa. I could look at your pictures forever & ever! Keep living it up. Oh love it. Keep writing about it too! I'm so happy for you.